Fernando Espinosa

fernando espinosa

freelance ruby & ios developer


I'm Fernando Espinosa, a developer based in Madrid, Spain.
I ruby and crafting beautiful apps with it.

About me

My name is Fernando Espinosa, and I'm a senior ruby developer based in Madrid, Spain. I've been doing software development for over 14 years. I really love it, and attention to detail and code quality are my main concerns.

After several years working for a big consultancy company, a few more running my own company and doing freelance work, I've had two great years working with the awesome team at Vizzuality.

In my portfolio you can check a selection of my web projects. If you want to see more, you can take a look to these too: AFG, Methane Gas Hydrates, Map My Data, Otro Bache and Protected Planet. All of them, projects of Vizzuality.

Besides the web projects I've created a few ruby gems: a ruby client for CartoDB, a geospatial database in the cloud, a rails engine to build geospatial-enabled sites easily and, the last one, a RubyMotion wrapper for the OCR engine Tesseract.

I've also created some products in my spare time just by myself. The last one is the Ikeameter, a tool to help people to choose Ikea furniture using the measures of the gap they want to furnish. Currently, I'm working on the iOS app, entirely developed using RubyMotion.

About my skills, I can perform without problems both front-end and back-end development, I love both of them and my knowledge of each of them are comparable. My object oriented background is quite big, as well as my experience working with relational databases (Oracle, Mysql, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2...). Unix administration tasks aren't a problem either.

In short, so many years in software development is long enough for much. If you want to know my experience with a certain technology, don't hesitate, ask me.

Oh! I've almost forgot: I'm a vim enthusiast, and I use it on a daily basis to code, browse the web, to manage to-do lists, to write texts, etc. You can check my vim setup and other stuff in my github account.

If you want further info about my career, you can check my linkedin profile.