Fernando Espinosa

fernando espinosa

freelance ruby & ios developer


I'm Fernando Espinosa, a developer based in Madrid, Spain.
I ruby and crafting beautiful apps with it.

Hire me

If you need a ruby back-end developer, a front-end guy or an iOS programmer, I may be able to help you.

First of all, I want to make it clear I do not work for projects with fixed scope/budget, because I don't believe in them. I can give you a rough estimate of what a project could cost, but I can't commit to a date because almost certainly I won't be able to fulfill it

I do iterative development, and I commit to a complete dedication to the project, to daily deploys, to attention to detail and, in general, to deliver a final result that satisfies both client and me.

There're two ways to work with me:

In both cases, payments will be made weekly.

Although initially my services don't include any kind of visual or user experience design, and it's preferable that you provide me with it, you can also hire me for this task if you want. But I should warn you: this isn't my speciality, so don't expect the same quality you'll expect from a specialized designer. Anyway, I can offer you this service too.

For new projects, you must know that for the majority of them it's imposible to deliver anything of enough quality for development periods below of 6-8 weeks. Although it will always depend on the project, below this threshold is really hard to guarantee the quality I want to achieve. Therefore if I think the development period is too tight you may not be able to count on me for the project.

Of course, as I said, this only applies for new projects. If you need me to support a development team, to perform maintenance on an project, or to improve an existing codebase in bad shape, you can count on me for a minimum period of two weeks.

As for my methodology, I always make tdd over the features to be developed, and I like to manage the project with agile tools like "Pivotal Tracker", since they help me to manage both the pace of the project and the client's expectatives.

If you're still interested in hiring me, that's great! I'll be glad to hear about your project. For that, please, fill the following form. The more information you provide me about your project, the better my estimation about it will be.

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